Commercial Capital Finance, the finance brokerage & advisory arm of Commercial Capital, launches video advert campaign ahead of the new EPC legislations for landlords.

From 2025, it is proposed that all newly rented properties will be required to have an EPC rating of C or above. Although this is still some time away, Landlords are encouraged to act now due to the lack of skilled labour in the market and the increasing cost of borrowing. A bigger incentive for Landlords to improve their EPC ratings now is the fact they can refinance their buy to let property or portfolio of properties to a cheaper, green mortgage, once their property or properties are EPC rated C.

With refurbishments costing tens of thousands of pounds to improve ratings, this will come at a big cost for landlords particularly those with a portfolio of multiple properties. Commercial Capital Finance can both support the funding of these refurbishments and refinance Landlord’s properties, so that they can benefit from cheaper buy to let mortgages.

In the wake of this, Commercial Capital Finance has launched a brand-new video advert to spread awareness of the new legislations that are set to come into place, and to ensure Landlords know that Commercial Capital Finance can help.