By 2025, the Government stipulates all newly rented properties in England & Wales will be required to have an EPC rating of band C or above and from December 2028 this applies to all rented properties, with fines of up to £30,000 for non-compliance.

While this is still some time away, there is an incentive for landlords to undertake this work now due to the ever-increasing lack of skilled labour in the market, while also considering their options for exit strategies or re-mortgaging with green to buy-to-let mortgages which reward those with energy efficient properties.

While the focus is on refurbishments, Commercial Capital Finance can also refinance existing buy-to-let mortgages on to green mortgages, for landlords with an EPC rating of A-C already. As part of its mission to ensure landlords get the best financial advice and service, Commercial Capital Finance offers 24/7 live chat and access to preferential products and rates, all underpinned and outstanding customer service, as evidenced by its 4.9/5 Trustpilot reviews. This builds on the wider Commercial Capital group’s track record of supporting over 43,000 SMEs at the heart of the UK economy each year through the provision of Money, Workspace and Advice.

Brian Love, Head of Regional Broking at Commercial Capital Finance, comments: “The new EPC regulations are a long overdue and positive move towards more efficient homes and reduced emissions, however it is a point of concern for landlords, particularly those with multiple older properties for which retrofitting needs to be carefully planned and managed. Our EPC Finance offering will ensure landlords have access to the right advice and products they need to bring their properties up to spec ahead of the 2025 deadline, giving them peace of mind while also improving conditions for their tenants.”